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Light up your life    –    with

Solar Power Energy


We have recently developed, and introduced our range of Solar Power Energy Products to the market place.

These two products are aimed at the following market sectors:


Rural Areas – where there is NO  Eskom power

Rural Schools – where there is NO Eskom power

Low / Middle Cost Housing -   where Eskom cards are used, but are expensive

Outdoor Camping - for the outdoor experience


Where the is NO Eskom facility, and people are using candles or paraffin lamps to provide them with light, which could prove to be dangerous , and cause fires.


 These Solar products will change your way of life!


Our IkHaya light is well suited to meet the needs of these people, giving them sufficient light for a period of up to 5 hours (when fully charged). This product comes with a Solar Panel that can be attached (5M cable ) to the LED Torch. 

When attached, these two items must be placed in the direct sun for at least one full day  -  then at night, remove the cable from the light, and turn on the switch. There are 5 x 2 bright LED lights that will light up your life!!


The Housing Kit can be used in schools where there is NO Eskom power, homes, camping etc. This kit is provided with a battery power unit a 10W solar panel to keep the power unit fully charged has 3 bright LED lights with 5 m length cable that can be turned on /off with the in line switch, battery strength indicator light, two USB ports – one with a 10 way mobile charger ( chargers many cell phones ,iPads, iPhones etc .) and also has a second USB port for charging  MP3 / MP4 players / cameras etc.

This kit can be used to light up 3 rooms, a classroom, 3 man tent etc. giving bright light for up to 8 hours when the battery unit is fully charged.


Change your way of life -  and SAVE money  -

Invest in these Solar Products