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Stove Accessories

Stove Accessories
  Silver Ring
for Stove
  Spiral Stove Plate-
Hot Plate 

Stove Accessories   Various Elements 

6 Heat, 7 Position
  Diamond H
41ER Energy regulator 

Glass Screw Type
  Spiral Stove Plate 

We stock a large
range of Oven Thermostats
suitable for the appliance
and catering industries -
e.g.70TH, 71TH, 86TH,
VKF11,Tecasa and EGO. 
  Solid Stove Plates
  • Standard and Red Dot Rapid plates
  • 6 inch and 8 inch diameter
  • Silver or Black rings
  • High wear resistance
  • (Electrolux independent testing report)

  Invensys Energy Regulators (M Series)
  • 240/208/120V AC options T 125 15A 50/60HZ
  • ISO 9001 approved supplier
  • Approved by UL, CE, VDE, KEMA, AUST/NZ, BEAB
  • Low energy consumption offers lower operating temperatures in small spaces 
  Stove Knobs
  • 4.76mm 0r 6mm shaft sizes
  • Various marking combinations available  

Rocker Switches
  • Round/Rectangular rockers
  • Illuminated/Non-illuminated
  • Various colours
  • Neon Indicators
  • Change over switches 
For further information, please click on documents to download: 
Thermopower Plate Test.pdf
Invensys ER.pdf