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Fergas AB

Company established in Linkoping, Sweden in 1949, by  Lennart Wallman, and remains under the same family ownership today.

We are one of the leading  global producers of blower wheels, cross flow blowers and AirBlaster units.

Fergas has total market presence with manufacturing facilities and universal standards in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Commercial and Technical representation is found throughout the world.

The Company is committed to project development , production and design. Adoption of new technologies has ensured the success of this business over the last century, and will continue to do so in the future.

Many specialised techniques and products demonstrate the Company’s strength in air movement  - these include their patented “key rivet”  technology for the assembly of blower wheels, the fully automated blower wheel robot line , a patented heater element assembly , in addition to the unique AirBlaster  designed specifically for automotive seat ventilation.

Our Focus is You – Our Customer

Company Objectives:

  • To stay close and understand your needs
  • To identify your goals and commitments
  • To provide cost - effective  air movement solutions
  • To support you globally with a reliable , consistent and local supply capacity

Fergas Vision

With Customer in focus, we shall strive to be the best at what we do!

We shall create a profitable growth for the benefit of both employees and shareholders , by using the best tools and production techniques combined with optimal market penetration.

Fergas Mission

  • We shall create long term, profitable growth in all of our companies
  • We shall work with continuous improvements to ensure long term success
  • We shall be a good employer and offer good terms and excellent working environment for all our employees
  • We shall care for our external and internal environment